Best Games For The Steam Deck

Steam Deck is a portable computer that allows you to play games anywhere. What are the top Deck Verified card and board games? The Steam Deck, released on February 25, 2022, marked Valve’s entry into the portable video game market. Available in three distinct models, these gadgets are meant to give PC gamers a more flexible mobility option without sacrificing too much power. The Steam Deck is gradually becoming more widely available thanks to the product’s generally positive reception. Since the hardware’s launch, Valve has been methodically checking each game in Steam’s extensive library for compatibility with the Steam Deck. Any game certified by the firm as suitable for the portable platform has been proven to function properly. Let’s take a look at the top Steam Deck games by using Deck Verified as a criterion.

 Hogwarts Legacy

So far in 2023, Hogwarts Legacy has been the most played game by a wide margin. About a century before the events of the books and films, players can experience a new story in the Wizarding World with the Harry Potter video game. The team at Avalanche has created an open world that is rich in detail, and the game is at its best when it allows players to simply exist in these settings. As of right now, the only way to play Hogwarts Legacy on the go is by using a Steam Deck, despite the announcement of a Nintendo Switch port (or, technically, a laptop). There was a time when such endeavors were relegated to home consoles or computers, but Valve’s portable system has broken down the wall between the two sectors of the gaming industry. If you’re about to play hours of Hogwarts Legacy, you will need a good chair. Check out SpinGenie.Ca for some awesome gaming chairs. 

 Hi-Fi Rush

The emergence of Hi-Fi Rush was unexpected. The game by Tango Gameworks was both announced and released on the same day, and it can be played through Xbox Game Pass. The hack-and-slash game has also been validated for the Steam Deck, so owners of the portable system can dive right in. Hi-Fi Rush is an aesthetic delight, thanks to its stunning visual design and excellent soundtrack. Tango understands that a game can have a high production value but still fail to impress if the gameplay is subpar. More than just a strength boost in battle, Hi-Fi Rush rewards players who time their movements to the music. This synergy is helpful in any endeavor, even those that are purely exploratory.

 Persona 5 Royal

Although in the past a PlayStation system was required to play a mainline Persona game, this is no longer the case. Persona 5 Royal is the latest turn-based entry in Atlus’ franchise, and it is now available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. This beloved JRPG features over 100 hours of content, which is enough to keep someone occupied for weeks, if not months. The protagonists of this tale are the Phantom Thieves, a band of young people intent on bringing about positive social change by breaking into the Palace of a corrupt official. Social simulation and dungeon exploration are the two main components of P5R. The latter employs a conventional turn-based combat system, albeit one bolstered by slick visuals and a compelling monster-collecting mechanic. Besides battling the adults who are ruining the world, players can socialize outside of the palaces, eat, and drink.


The long-awaited The Delicious Last Course expansion for Cuphead was released on June 30, 2022, making this the perfect time to dive into the challenging platformer. Cuphead takes its inspiration from classic cartoons and features beautiful visuals, responsive controls, and a plethora of brilliantly designed bosses eager to inflict pain on the player. For the Steam Deck, games like Cuphead that can be completed in a few minutes may be the best option. The levels aren’t too long, but they’re very challenging, so you’ll need to set aside some time to complete them. Don’t throw the Steam Deck out a window of anger.

 Neon White

Neon White is a pleasant surprise because it was made with speedrunning in mind. Despite its seemingly niche structure—wherein you must play through levels again and again to achieve faster and faster times—the game’s solid foundations ensure that it will appeal to a wide audience. Executing a perfect run after memorization of the stage’s layout is incredibly satisfying in Neon White, whose platforming and combat are built on a card-based system that forces the player to think on their feet. This Steam Deck game is ideal for short bus rides or quick breaks, as most stages only take a few minutes to complete. However, once someone gets into a groove with Neon White, it can be difficult to put down, which could result in them missing important appointments or obligations like meetings.

 Elden Ring

Elden Ring, released at the same time as the Steam Deck, served as a proof of concept for the capabilities of the handheld console. Is it possible for a massive open-world game released in 2022 to run smoothly on Valve’s platform? The happy news is that yes is the correct answer. Since Elden Ring is arguably 2022’s best video game, many early adopters of Steam Decks have likely already visited or are planning trips to the Lands Between. They can expect a satisfying adventure with respectable gameplay and visuals. Until the release of the Steam Deck, playing Elden Ring in the air was an impossibility. Comfort-wise, it’s a huge upgrade over gaming laptops in these scenarios.

 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Valve has collaborated with CD Projekt Red to fine-tune The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077 for the Steam Deck, allowing players to take these ambitious role-playing games with them wherever they go without compromising on the quality of their experience. The Witcher 3 raised the bar for narrative in video games generally, and supplementary materials in particular. The Witcher 3 is a gripping, deep, and addictive RPG set in a gorgeously realized world that expands upon the lore of the previous games in the series while still providing a welcoming experience to newcomers. The combat system requires some practice, but it all starts to make sense once the player learns Geralt’s signs and uses his tools.

 Euro Truck Simulator 2

For a game that has been out for more than a decade, Euro Truck Simulator 2 has undergone tremendous growth. The driving simulator by SCS Software challenges players to build a transport dynasty from the ground up. It only takes a few hours of work for an established company for a driver to feel confident enough to strike out on their own and start their own business, giving them a wide range of managerial options. Playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 can be surprisingly therapeutic. The (real) world tends to fade into the background when you’re out on the open road. Really, it’s a breath of fresh air. While a steering wheel and a large screen are ideal for SCS’s simulator, the Steam Deck is also a viable alternative.

 God Of War

Not only would it have been unthinkable a few years ago, but now Sony’s latest God of War is actually available on a portable system that was developed and published by Valve. God of War (2018) deviates greatly from the previous games in the series by placing Kratos and his son Atreus in Nordic mythology, where the native gods are not exactly thrilled to see the Spartan invade their territory. In this, the first game in a new series, Kratos goes on a pilgrimage to honor his late wife and strengthen his bond with their son or daughter.


Hades is one of the more accessible options for those who aren’t usually fans of the roguelike genre. The game’s core mechanic remains unchanged: players continue to repeat the same levels over and over. Death, however, does not result in a complete restart; rather, the story progresses organically with each defeat, maintaining a feeling of forward momentum. As the story progresses, Hades follows Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he tries to escape from the Underworld and return to his father on Mount Olympus. The trip is rough and will stick out in your mind forever.